Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tokkuri Tei - 611 Kapahulu Ave Ste 102, Honlulu, HI 96815

First off, thank you Kristina for telling me about this place. This place is a very well known, local, traditional Japanese restaurant. There menu is extensive with tons of appetizers (raw and hot), little dish, variety of fresh sushi, entrees. I started with some roasted pepper appetizer and also an eel dish (i'll have to go back to get the names)... the roasted pepper was simple and tasty... the eel appetizer was served in a small bowl. It was fresh water eel, with some bamboo chutes (i think) and in a light broth... The sushi, so fresh... this is by far the freshest tuna I've had. I just ordered the plain old maguro but it's nothing but plain. It melts in your mouth... not tough... and they give you a generous portion per piece of sushi. Also had a catepillar roll (eel, avocado, tuna). I really should have stuck to sushi so I could get a better taste of the place but I'm a sucker for the americanized monster sushi rolls. I'll have to go back and make some notes, my memory is faded already. Dave (the friend and co-worker who went back to the east but taught me a lot about Hawaii in the short time i knew him), Nicole (ex of the friend who went back to the east and is now by best bud), Kristina (the prego friend who uses it as an excuse for everything and a spoil at work by bringing her food), Troy (Kristina's hubby, don't know him too well.. very chill... reserved guy), and I went almost 2 months ago. Irionically the point of that last sentence was to indicate how long ago it was but I got off track. Well I'll be back to Tokkuri Tei. Dad you'd love the place. Oh yeah, good variety of sake. What I noticed here about Sake, they usually serve it in 150 ml portions. Of course that's too much for a shot but they don't give you a little container. It's a shot glass (i've been served the tall thin ones) in a box (looks like a traditional japanese style... see wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sake for a pic in the lower right showing a similar looking box... the one in the restaurants had a black lacquer with some designs though). They poor the sake in the glass and let it overflow til the box is full so you drink from the shot glass and box. Anyway... til next time.

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