Monday, July 27, 2009

House Without A Key - Halekulani Hotel

So I've been here twice and it's a great atmosphere. It's in the back of Halekulani Hotel in the beginning of Waikiki (the western side or beginning of Waikiki). On the expensive side (for me, entree $25, alcohol midrange was $10 - $12)... so it's on occasion. This would be a great place for a date or just a low key evening out. Beside the restaurant is the pool area. Opposite that is a French restaurant which I hear is supposed to be one of the better ones in Hawaii.... and of course... the ocean. Unlike some of the other places, there is no beach. Just a beach walk (not sure if that's the right term). Always nice to hear crashing waves though.
The lighting is dim and it's an indoor/outdoor seating arrangement. There is a small performance area where local traditional music is played. Often there are 1 or 2 dancers as well. The music is very calming. There are seats around smaller knee height tables in the area for a more casual night out where you can order appetizers and drinks. We chose this arrangement the first time I came here.
The food is local. Last time, I had the lobster roll which was good but left me hungry. It was an appetizer anyway. Also tried there ahi poke sliders which was good (another appetizer). Still left me hungry Then again, I'm always hungry. This time I ordered their fish of the day, ahi. Accompanied by some sauted vegetables and two shrimp. Nice presentation. They could have consolidated it on a smaller plate though. Oh also a bowl of rice. The fish was fresh and had a light flavor. Small filet... couldn't have been more than 8 ozs. I should have asked for it be cooked a little less. My fault for not asking. The shrimp was good but a bit overcooked as well. Honestly the best shrimp I've had is from the shrimp trucks (i'll review those at another time). The portion wasn't that much though. Best thing about the place is the atmosphere. Good food, good service as well... I'd recommend it for ending a night out for a nightcap and light snack. Also note the prices as it can quickly add up if you want more.
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