Saturday, June 27, 2009

A bit about myself

So this is my personal blog for reviewing restaurants in Hawaii. Born and raised in New Jersey where I spent most of my days. Chinese American background. Mom your still the best cook I know. All her food is sooo good. Best rack of lamb. Every time I order it in a restaurant I'm disappointed cause my mom's is better. Fat trimmed and a different seasoning. Her Chinese food is fantastic. People ask me what style it is and honestly I don't know. I just know it's good.

As a kid, my taste was very American. Didn't like trying new things. My favs were chicken fingers and eventually I added shrimp to my diet. Didn't like steak, seafood, anything out of the ordinary. It slowly changed as I tried more foods. I tend to stay away from oddities but have been recently intrigued by them. So now, I'm a fan of sushi, but not everything. Always try maguro/tuna at any place that has it, as well as the higher graded variations (fatty tuna and theres a middle grade as well) but always trying to find a good one. Eel is a favorite, but i think it has to do largely with the eel sauce. I don't notice much of difference between fresh water and salt water but I'm learning. Yellowtail/hamachi another fav. Never really like salmon but gotta give it a second chance in the future. Love pasta. Love rice. Always looking for a good penne vodka sauce, udon, and pad thai. Since moving here, ramen has grown on me as well. I typically thought of packaged ramen so never thought twice about trying it out. Why would I pay 8 bucks for something i can get in a package? Because its so much better. That's enough about background for now. Hope you find the reviews helpful. Enjoy. I know I will.

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